What. A. Circus.

"What. A. Circus." This was the state of affairs around the time of the 2016 presidential election. When it came time to plan Fame's client appreciation party, we embraced it. The delightfully crazy creative included guest invite package, digital, video and event signage. Thanks to Nathen Cantwell for his beautiful illustrations that I had the pleasure of bringing to life in the animation that was created for the digital screens around the office. The video was on a loop that would run every 5 minutes in order to not distract the party-goers, but to add to the wacky, whimsical circus that it was...acrobats and all.


Email Reminder Gif

In addition to the video that would play during the event, I animated a small looping GIF that was used in the email to remind our guests to RSVP for the party. By using quick, punchy movements and charming, intricate details, I was able to achieve the same whimsical and exciting feel of the full-length video.


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Created at Fame Retail.


Creative Director: Jen Sheeler
Art Director / Senior Designer / Illustrator: Nathen Cantwell
Copywriter: Julie Feyerer