Small Buried Things Book Design

The mission of New Rivers Press at Minnesota State University Moorhead is to publish and promote enduring contemporary literature and to create academic learning opportunities. New Rivers Press acquires, publishes, and markets high quality, imaginative work from emerging and established writers. Founded in New York in 1968 by C.W. “Bill” Truesdale, the not-for-profit New Rivers Press has now published over 330 books.

I was selected as one of the senior volunteers to create a full book design for Debra Marquart's Small Buried Things. My concept for the cover design was to use a minimalist approach to the graphics to create a feeling of seriousness and intimacy. The earthy terracotta-like color palette invokes a Midwestern quality based on the theme of Marquart's poetry. The cover graphics are not only playing on the title but also symbolizing a few of the poems inside.

Small Buried Things was published in April 2015 and can be purchased on Amazon.


Small Buried Things Cover
Small Buried Things Front and Back Cover
Small Buried Things Title Page
Small Buried Things Contents
...North Dakota who will ever be able to live with you / once this is all over i’m speaking to you now / as one wildcat girl to another be careful North Dakota.
— Debra Marquart (Excerpt from 'Lament')
Small Buried Things Section Break

Created at Minnesota State University Moorhead.


Publisher: New Rivers Press
Art Director: Allen Sheets
Author Photo: Richard Koenig